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We just completed post production on Searching for Roots in Canton (2012) which follows a Chinese American, Nathan, and a Chinese-African American, Alana, with their mentor, Al Cheng to Canton (Guangzhou), China to search for their ancestral homes. In the land of the famous watchtower diaolous, they discover a history they never knew and experience profound revelations about their purpose and place in the world. (60 minutes, filmed in HD). Click here to view trailer!


Written by D3 Media Group.

We are in preproduction planning mode for our latest project in our STEP INTO CHINA series where we take two Americans to China to learn about China and Chinese culture. We are currently casting one American tea enthusiast and one coffee house manager to go on a journey with our crew to two major tea regions of China--Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province (Eastern China) and in Yunnan Province (Southwest China near the border of Burma, Laos, and Vietnam) to learn about Chinese tea and Chinese tea culture!


Written by D3 Media Group.

TeaLands Mark-vitoria

We finally selected our two travelers who will be in our next documentary, Tea Lands of China. Victoria Boyert, the owner of Satori Tea Company in San Jose, and Mark Rozell, retail management consultant at Verve Coffee in Santa Cruz & Chico, will travel with our crew to two major tea regions of China. We just completed our pre-trip shoots where we observed Mark on the job at Verve Coffee and Victoria at Satori Tea Company as they share their worlds of tea and coffee in the U.S. Both have never been to China before and have some but minimal knowledge about Chinese tea. Victoria's tea shop has a more British style tea approach while Verve Coffee serves some teas but is predominantly a coffee roasting company and shop. We leave next week for two weeks---first to Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province (Eastern China) where they specialize in Green tea and then to Yunnan Province (Southwest China near the border of Burma, Laos, and Vietnam), the land of Pu-erh tea. Mark and Victoria are super excited and so are we!