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        Inside China is the first nationally syndicated weekly TV magazine about China. Twenty-five series of this award-winning program have aired continuously for 15 years throughout the U.S. It is available for viewing on select PBS and independent stations. Each 30-minute episode includes 2-3 segments that focus on different aspects of Chinese culture.

    Inside China’s host, Mary Windishar, unveils the exciting art, customs, and history of the Chinese people. From intriguing rituals and unusual foods to exotic travel destinations and historical relics, Inside China takes you across the ancient and newly emerging frontiers of the "Middle Kingdom." Each story looks behind the scenes into the daily lives of the Han Chinese and China's many ethnic minorities. You’ll learn about surprising Chinese inventions and gain a deeper understanding of the art, architecture, remote villages, city life, business culture, and changing face of China.

    Inside China also features special interviews with renowned Chinese artists such as Jackie Chan (Film Director and Actor, Super Cop), Chen Kaige (Film Director, Farewell My Concubine), and Martin Yan (Chef and Television Personality, Yan Can Cook).


  • 2001
    Traditions of the Jing People
    Raising Ducks
    Pottery Philosopher 

    Monk of Medicine and Prayer
    Yellow Crane Tower

    Mt. Taibai
    Yuliang Dam
    Fisherman’s Village
    Peking Opera Masks
    The Performance Market 
    Yungang Buddhist Caves
    Hui Inksticks
    Beijing Temple Fair

    Ah Ji’s Wedding
    Innovative Embroidery

    Paper-Cutting Art
    Dragon Lanterns
    Temple of Heaven
    Latin Dance Instructor
    Morning Exercises

    Qinghai Lake
    Dali the Beautiful
    Ming-era City Wall
    Hutong Residences
    Weifang Kites

    Kingdom of the Drums
    Theaters and Teahouses of Beijing   

    Businessman Pan Shiyi 
    A Famous Restaurant Owner          
    Two Tree Dance
    Peasant Painting Family
    Home of Man and Birds
  • 30-Minute Weekly TV Magazine 

    Join Inside China host Mary Windishar on location in Beijing for a look at the art and culture of an ancient and dynamic nation.

    For close to a decade, Inside China host Mary Windishar has been presenting our weekly series from the studios of D3 Productions, Inc., in Oakland, California. Now, for the first time, Inside China ventures beyond the studio to introduce the stunning architecture, treasured relics, and delightful stories of rapidly changing China, on location.

    Inside China takes Windishar climbing up the timeworn steps of the Great Wall, winding through the charming alleys of traditional Beijing neighborhoods, shopping in trendy new malls, and feasting on the best of imperial cuisine.

    As television’s most timely and authoritative look at Chinese culture, Inside China is proud to bring you this series from our favorite sites in Beijing. 

    Tune in to our award-winning program Inside China, and gain a deeper understanding of the art, architecture, ethnic minorities, remote villages, city life, business culture, and changing face of China.

    A Dancer Yearning to Fly 
    Peacock Dance
    Living in Beijing        
    Beijing’s First Mom-n-Pop Diner          

    Beijingers in Flight  
    Realizing the Dream

    Hakka Homes
    Huizhou Housing 
    Chengdu Tea House

    Chinese Chopsticks
    From Morse Code to China Mobile  
    Life in the Zone
    German Engineer, Chinese Airport

    Zen Summer Camp  
    Chinese Yo-Yos 

    Peking Opera Costumes
    Peking Opera Clubhouse
    Hangzhou Tea Culture
    Silk Fit for Emperors

    Memories of China’s Railways     
    Guild Hall Chaozhou Embroidery

    A French Photographer’s Beijing
    Beijing Art Factory 
    The Great Wall 

    Qiang Family Homestay  
    Ousu Sculpture
    Zhang’s Replica Workshop
    Farmer Yu’s Sculpture Garden


    Photo Gallery

    Great Wall
    Mary survived the grueling hike
    up the Great Wall
    Temple of Heaven
    A far away look at the majestic
    Temple of Heaven

    Mary describes old hutong
    neighborhoods in Beijing

    In front of Beijing's historic
    opera house

    A break from shopping on
    Wangfujing Street

    Mary feasts at a famous
    Beijing restaurant


    On stage at the opera house

    Mary goes shopping on trendy
    Wangfujing Street
  • 30-Minute Weekly TV Magazine    

    Join host Mary Windishar on-location in Dunhuang, in China's Gansu Province, and discover one of the world's greatest treasure chests of ancient Buddhist artwork. You'll see this and other amazing sites around Dunhuang -- a historic trading post on China's western frontier.

    This special series includes on-location episodes (ICHI 2309-2313) that capture the artwork of   China's earliest civilizations... and the tapestry of cultures still thriving on the Silk Road today.

    Tibetan Private School
    Buddha Grottos          


    Huang Yongyu, Artist and Icon
    Geng Yuexin, Bamboo Master Calligraphy Kids            

    Xuanzang the Monk The Best of Xian 
    Making Music on the Silk Road                                

    Zhang’s Sporting Goods 
    Lucky Jade                                  
    Luo Tiancheng, Welding Artist 

    Raising Rice, Growing Families
    Away at Boarding School 

    When Silk Was Gold
    Suzhou Embroiderer 

    Lions Protect the Dead
    Mongolian Wedding  

    Tibetan Cowboys 
    Taoist Temple on a Mount
    Passing the Imperial Exam 

    Chinese Orchestra in Vienna
    Chinese Treasures 

    Land of Snacks Purple Clay Teapot Shanghai Nights 


    Devotion to Dunhuang Frescoes
    Kesi Tapestries      
    Silk for a Suitor 

    Old Man and the Sea God
    Mysterious Murals 

    Dancing Murals
    The Return of Turandot
    Moonlight Dance 

    Host Mary Windishar in Dunhuang 

    Mary shares stories on camelback at 
    the Echoing Singing Sand Dunes

    In the midst of the hustle bustle at the 
    entrance to the Mogao Grottoes

    This visit to a Dunhuang street market 
    ends in a feast of nuts and fruit

    Each one of these Mogao Grottoes leads to a unique collection of breathtaking ancient artwork

    Inside this amazing temple, imagine the even more spectacular site of a 116-foot  tall Buddha 

    Mary is lucky to see these murals, as are we, since D3 Productions is the first foreign crew given permission to film inside the caves

    These ancient statues and colorful frescoes were buried in the sand for centuries

    Mary learns about the Erhu instrument 
    from these talented musicians

    This beautiful cloud brocade gown could 
    only be worn by an emperor 

    These heavy wooden doors are a regular 
    feature of traditional Chinese buildings

    Snap Shots and Story Titles of Our Current 2300 Series

    ICHI 2301: Buddha Grottoes

    ICHI 2304: Land of Snacks

    ICHI 2305: Mysterious Murals

    ICHI 2306: Calligraphy Kids

    ICHI 2307: Raising Rice, Growing Families


    ICHI 2309: Silk for a Suitor

    ICHI 2310: The Return of Turandot

    ICHI 2311: Making Music on the Silk Road

    ICHI 2312: Suzhou Embroiderer

    ICHI 2313: Chinese Orchestra in Vienna
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