Riding Rails in China


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    110-minute Documentary (2004)

    Catch a train with young American travelers Chris Gould and Nick Russell as they embark on their first trip to China. Follow their journey across the country, starting in the stately northern capital of Beijing and ending over a thousand miles south in cosmopolitan Guangzhou. From the Great Wall to the Pearl River Delta, they ride through the country’s changing landscape on good old Chinese locomotives.

    Armed with cameras and a sense of curiosity, they stop en route to meet locals in traditional neighborhoods, eager university students, entrepreneurial southern farmers, and hardworking migrant laborers. Touched by their many encounters, these adventurous travelers uncover the changing face of an ancient and emerging nation. 

    They explore the Forbidden City, step-up their kung-fu at the Shaolin Temple, cross the Yellow River, and feast on delicacies at night markets. Will Chris eat fried scorpion-on-a-stick? Will Nick learn how to use chopsticks? Join them as they discover China’s extraordinary landscapes, communities, cuisine, and a little something about themselves along the way. 

  • A Beijing pedicab driver has many 

    stories to share


    Chris and Nick on the Great Wall

    Prepping to film at the Great Wall 


    A little helper silences the 

    crowd for filming


    Duffy and Alex filming in the 

    Forbidden City 


    Nick checks out Tiananmen Square 

    (photo by Nick Russell)

    Chris and Nick  practice their 

    kung fu at Shaolin Temple 


    Burning incense at Shaolin Temple


    Sharing pictures with a southern farmer


    Chris by the Yellow River 


    Nick and Chris cross the 

    tracks in Changsha 


    An after-school snack 
    in Changsha
    (photo by Christine Gould)


    Nick, Alison and Anna Sophie

    preparing for the next take on the train 

    (photo by Christine Gould)


     Nick buys cordyceps at a 

    Beijing pharmacy


    Endless treats at the night market 
    in Beijing
    (photo by Nick Russell)


    Chris gets her hair done at a 

    Guangzhou trade fair


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