Tibet Diary


    60-minute Documentary (2003)

    Meet Katy and Moge, two Californians about to make their first journey to Tibet. Follow in their footsteps – from the moment they figure out their backpacks are a little too small to their final farewells from the beautiful city of Lhasa. Armed with cameras and a sense of humor, Katy and Moge brave bumpy roads and oxygen-deprivation to visit several of Tibet’s most breathtaking monasteries, temples, and palaces.

    They encounter a colorful cast of characters, from playful Buddhist monks and beer-drinking folk dancers to the friendly hosts of an afternoon tea. For these two travelers, each day sheds new light on Tibetan society and culture in a way that challenges their assumptions, and may raise more questions than they can answer in the pages of… Tibet Diary.

  • Samye Monastery

    Katy and Moge take to the stage in yak hats

    Moge takes a photo along a Shigatse city street

    Tibetan kids check out the 
    camera crew

    The camera crew sets up

    The roof of Jokhang Temple

    Katy exchanges glances with a holy statue at Yubulakang Palace

    Tibetan kids in Shigatse

    Sheep on the streets of Shannan

    The vibrant sky over Yarlung 
    Zangbo River

    A colorful bazaar at Barkhor 
    Square, Lhasa

    The roof of the Potala
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