Kung Fu Journey to the East


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    60-Minute Documentary (2006)

    Explore the world of martial arts in China on a journey with two American Kung Fu students. Masters of China’s most renowned martial arts schools will share their knowledge and wisdom with these two determined learners. Instruction will provide a deeper understanding of this ancient Chinese philosophy and tradition, which combines exercise, self-defense, self-discipline, and art.

    In this two-week journey, Kristi Jordan and Adam McArthur study a variety of martial arts forms, from Taiqi—a softer, internal martial art typical of Wudang Mountain— to harder, external styles attributed to the Shaolin Temple. How do Kung Fu classes in the U.S. prepare them for this challenge to mind, body, and spirit? Does a visit to the origins of this 1,500-year-old tradition and lessons with Chinese Masters affect their performance and increase their devotion to Kung Fu practice? This feature-length documentary will shed light on these questions, and provide depth and perspective to this ancient, but increasingly popular art form. 

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    Press Coverage: "Oakland production company gets a kick out of Kung Fu," NATAS Off Camera Newsletter, June 2006 (page 2).

  • Beijing: Kristi and Adam begin their journey in April 2006.

    Kristi and Adam in a group shot with the 
    Beijing Wushu School students

    Master Wu Bin shares photos of 
    his student Jet Li

    Adam perfecting techniques with Tiger, 
    a Beijing Wushu School student


    Adam and Tiger

    Master Xu teaches Imperial Kung Fu 
    to Kristi and Adam


    Kristi recaps Day 1 in front the Temple of 
    Heaven, dating back to the Ming Dynasty
    Wudang Mountain: Next stop, Hubei Province - the world's most sacred Daoist area.

    Kristi and Adam enter Purple Cloud Temple, the largest and best-preserved Daoist Temple in Wudang Mountain

    Practicing Kung Fu moves on the stairs up to Parents Hall, built in honor of Zhenwu who is the most revered Daoist God

    Kristi learns from a nun at the Academy of Wudang Daoism Wushu Arts

    Adam learns from a priest  at the Academy 
    of  Wudang Daoism Wushu Arts
    Leshan & Emei Mountain: Kristi and Adam travel west to the lush province of Sichuan.

    Kristi and Adam posing in front of the 
    Leshan Grand Buddha

    From this angle its easy to see that this is the biggest stone Buddha sculpture in the world

    Adam balances on this plum flower gate at Baoguo Temple, the center for most Buddhist festivities in Emei

    Master Fu teaches a lesson in the Fire Dragon Form at the Long Life Monastery

    Animal-lover Kristi hikes through an area infamous for its naughty monkeys

    Emei's majestic Wanfo Summit in its classic 
    form, above a sea of clouds
    The Shaolin TempleFinal destination, tracing Kung Fu to its roots in Henan Province.

    One of the many gateways renovated after 
    the release of  Jet Li's 1982 movie, 
    "The Shaolin Temple"

    Zhi Yanzhuang, one of the top two monks at 
    the Shaolin Temple, demonstrates Qigong

    A special meeting with the Head Abbot in his room, the Dragon Hall

    One bag of vegetarian Baozi at the Shaolin Temple costs 10 RMB, or $2 US

    Members of the Songshan Shaolin Warrior Monk Delegation give a lesson at 
    the Pagoda Forest

    Adam recaps day 7 on the top of Song 
    Mountain, at an elevation of about 5,000 feet

    An early morning practice in the rain with students of the Henan Dengfeng Shaolin Epo Wushu School, which has over 8,000 students

    Adam attempts to pull this bowl off this student 
    in a performance of Qigong

    Kristi takes in the growing crowd of 800 as she prepares to participate in the next set of performances of "The Shaolin Show"

    A final stance after performing as part of 
    this Shaolin Troupe which draws over 
    3,000 tourists daily
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