China: Summer School on the Road


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    60-Minute Documentary (2006)

    Learning is a two-way street on this road trip. UC Berkeley students, Nick Bowen and Courtney Horstman, travel through Shandong Province together with eleven Shandong University students their age. They stop along the way to teach impromptu English classes to their peers, and in the process learn the history and culture of this historic region by visiting the hometowns of these Shandong natives.

    This learning exchange provides Nick and Courtney with the rare opportunity to explore a variety of lifestyles, and see China through the eyes of their new-found friends. On their first trip to China, not only do Nick and Courtney visit historic sights of Confucius’ birthplace, they are also invited to share meals with students’ families in their homes.

  • Nick and Courtney teach their first class 
    in China, at Shandong University

    Class near the bubbling water at 
    Baotu Spring Park in Jinan

    Boarding the bus to begin the 
    learning adventure

    Guo Jun's family home outside Tai'an, 
    the city at the base of Mount Tai

    Nick and Courtney learn how to make
    dumplings from Guo Jun's family

    Before and after shots...
    see the improvement?

    Yang Rongqiu about to ascend 6,000 
    steps to the top of sacred Mount Tai

    Early morning English class 
    at the top of Mount Tai

    Bridges at the Confucius Temple 

    Door way at the Confucius Temple,
    in Qufu, Confucius' hometown

    Class on boats among the lotus 
    flowers at Weishan Lake

    Nick and Courtney enjoy a lunch of seafood
    on this houseboat with Cao Zhi's family

    Nick learns the craft of kites and puts 
    together this Goldfish at Yang Village, birthplace of kites

    After learning to make kites, Nick and
    Courtney test their craft in the sky

    This woodblock print will take 5 months for 
    this master carver to complete


    Students repeat  "An apple a day keeps 
    the doctor away" at this class held in 
    Mou Pengtao's family apple and pear 
    orchard in Yantai

    Class on the beach in Yantai... the perfect setting to practice tongue twister "Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore."

    Nick and Courtney conduct class on slabs 
    of marble used for elaborate carvings at 
    Sun Qian's family home in Laizhou.

    Students add tears to the Yellow River in their sentimental goodbyes at this last class.

    This is...
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