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    Emmy Award 2007

    Sketching the Silk Road
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    Aurora Award 2004

    Tibet Diary
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    Axiem Award 2001

    Inside China

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    The Communicator 2003

    Land of the Dragon

  • Telly Award 2002

    The Legacy of Pearl S. Buck

  • Videographer Award 2004

    Tibet Diary


This is what Viewers, Educators & Program Managers have to say about our programs. We continue to be inspired by their positive feedback, and appreciate all suggestions and comments. Thank you for helping us improve the quality of our programming by sharing your responses.

  • "I can't thank you enough for presenting your wonderful program, Inside China, for viewing in my area. The programs touch on a wide range of activities and fosters a great appreciation of all aspects of Chinese culture. Watching the programs, I feel like I am almost there, sharing the moment with the people featured. The program has me planning on making a trip to see China in person."

    – Marvin Glassberg, New York

     “It is very hard to find information about China’s culture, politics, and society. I’m glad there is a program that presents those in an intelligent and accessible format.”

    – Marc Elliot, Tennessee

    “Thank you for the best program on American TV…There has not been an episode I did not enjoy and learn from thanks to your skillful and positive reporting.” 

    – Lei Ho, Hawaii

    “I’m a college student at the University of Florida. I just finished watching your show for the first time. I think your show is great! I’d love to know more.”

    – Maria Zarate, Florida

    “We are an adoptive family. Our seven year old daughter is from China. [Land of the Dragon] is a fascinating glimpse of some real aspects of life in China…We’re going to try and watch every episode!”

    – Joyce Berner, Pennsylvania


     “I absolutely love the show…The story segments give a fresh viewpoint of how people really live in China, how they work, how they have fun, and the niches of society that are often overlooked.”

    – Edward So, California

    “We have nothing but good things to say about [Inside China]. Please continue to keep it in the air for a long, long time to come.”

     Mary McKelvy, Texas

    “I watched Inside China and thought it was very relevant and of interest to me because my husband has traveled to China on business. Your show gives a perspective of what the culture and home life is of the Chinese.”

    – Eilleen Forshaw, Michigan


    “What an informative, enlightening program! … I am very eager to see more of this program, both for its content, as well as for the sheer art that it is.”

    – Jill Hazzard, California

    “Your show brings the world of China that we will never see into our family’s home every week. [Inside China] makes me realize that there are some commonalities that the Chinese have with me, as well as differences.”

    – Patricia Tam, California

    “There are only three TV programs a week I try hard not to miss: ‘Bill Moyers’…, ‘As Time Goes By’..., and now ‘INSIDE CHINA’—a wonderfully produced and filmed look at China nowhere else available.”

    – Maurice Englander, California


    ”Thank you for my favorite program, Inside China. I have been to China twice, and…I will go again, much due to your excellent and educational programs.”

    – Celeste Graham, California

    “I was amazed at the artistry, industry and the ingenious methods of the people of those provinces.”

    – Irving Rosenberg, New York

    “I’ve been watching your show for about a month now and absolutely love it! I’ve set my VCR to tape the show every week because I don’t want to miss it.”

    – Chinn Tong, New Mexico

    “I just saw an episode of Inside China and had to tell you how much I enjoyed it. We know too little about China in this country and its culture has so much to offer, from philosophy to beautiful works 
    of art, architecture and calligraphy. I have put the program on my viewing schedule.”

    – Charles Hand, California

    “Tonight was the first time I viewed your show. I loved it. I love learning about other countries. I was glued to my TV.”

    – Holly Henderson, Kentucky

  • “We have been airing Inside China for several years and have recently added the Land of the Dragon Series.  We have heard from many viewers who like to see how other people and cultures live.  They have also expressed how they like seeing the beauty, vibrant colors and styles of the architecture, clothing and art in China.

    As broadcasters of Educational television, we enjoy the high quality of the production and the educational content of the programs that help us meet our mission.”

    – Dave Poplawski 
     Supervisor of Traffic & Operations
     New York Network
    Land of the Dragon provides a unique and human look at the world’s most populous country, its diverse population, centuries-old traditions, and struggles to confront and adapt to the 21st century. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.”

    – Bob Petts 
      Program Development Manager
      National Education Telecommunication Association

    October 27, 2004 

    I’m writing to tell you about the excellent viewer response we continue to receive to your program Inside China. We have been airing it at 8:30 pm on Wednesdays, as a lead-in to our telecast of the City College Board of Trustees’ meetings, and it has been a huge success.

    As you know, EAtv Channel 27 is the Educational Access cable channel of San Francisco. Our mission is to “provide diverse and quality educational television for the residents of San Francisco.” Our airing of Inside China is an important component in fulfilling that responsibility.

    Because we operate on a “shoestring” budget, the fact that Inside China is provided to us without a charge is, simply put, fantastic. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to provide our viewers with such high quality programming at no cost.

    China is so vitally important to the present and future of the world, yet not many of our viewers can afford to experience its dynamic culture first-hand. Inside China brings China to them, in an engaging and beautifully presented fashion.

    On behalf of all our viewers, I extend thanks to you and your talented staff for providing us with this wonderful program.

    Sincerely yours,

    John Odell
    CCSF Faculty
    EAtv Program Manager

    October 18, 2004

    I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how much our viewers like Inside China.

    We have been airing the series for about a year on KUAT-TV’s separately programmed cable channel - a service that reaches more than 100,000 households in the Tucson Area.

    Viewers have sent emails, and left voice mail messages about the series - they are most positive and find the content fascinating.   I agree with them that Inside China is a high quality, informative and entertaining series that we will continue to air.  I expect that China and the United States will become closer in the next decade and a series such as Inside China can give Americans a better picture of Chinese culture.

    Our promotion and outreach includes informing the local community college about the series for use as a resource in the Chinese Culture classes.


    Ethel V. Haber
    Program Manager
    ITFS & Cable

    August 19, 2004

    I just finished watching Land of the Dragon on public television, what a great new series!  I really enjoyed the stories, especially the one about the moon field.  What I like the most aboutLand of the Dragon is that it shows daily life in China through the perspectives of the people.  It is like a Chinese reality show, with much better production values than an American “slice of life” series.  This series educates viewers about every aspect of China, its geography, scenery, cultures, religions and arts.  I hope that people in every city in America have a chance to learn about China through Land of the Dragon.  Public television is a great venue for this series because of its educational mission.

    Of course, I have enjoyed Inside China for many years now.  The new episodes are beautifully produced.  When I was the Program Manager at KCSM-TV, a PBS station in San Mateo, California, I first saw Inside China and made sure that it was aired on KCSM continuously.  Now, five years after I have departed from that station, Inside China is still being aired regularly.  I think that Inside China is a very important series for American viewers.  It helps bridge the cultural and knowledge gap about China that exists for Americans.  With knowledge, there is understanding and tolerance.  The stories on Inside China teach viewers about the different minority groups in China, their costumes, the food they eat, their traditions and all other aspects of life in China.  This series provides a great overview.  I think the series would also be great for educational distribution in the schools. 

    I want to thank you for producing these two very important series.  Hopefully, the relationship between Chinese people and Americans will improve because of the very real glimpses of Chinese life that your series are providing.

    Best regards always,

    Cynthia E. Zeiden
    President, Zeiden Media
    National Trustee, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
    Programs Chair, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, 
    San Francisco/Nor Cal Chapter