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About Us

D3 Productions, Inc. specializes in television programs and documentaries that introduce Chinese culture to American audiences. Founded in 1997, D3 Productions’ programs have been airing for over 20 years on public and independent TV stations across the United States, reaching 75% of TV households, in 48 states, on over 450 stations.

D3 Productions has received numerous awards for excellence in production, directing, editing, writing and cultural content for its two continuous TV series—Inside China and Land of the Dragon—and its feature-length documentaries.

In 2007, D3 Productions won an Emmy® Award for Sketching the Silk Road (2006), the third documentary in the STEP INTO CHINA series, which now includes: American Teachers in Chengdu (2022), Ancient City Nanjing (2021), Ancient City Yinchuan (2021), Chinese Qipao (2020), We are a Family (2020), Huizhou 2018 (2019), Riding Rails in China, part 3 (2018), Xiamen Through Mary’s Eyes (2018), Making a Buck in Beijing (2017), Catching the Tech Wave (2017), Cruising the Three Gorges (2016), The Story of Yiwu (2016), Tibet Diary – Beauty and Mystery (2015), Tracing the Steps of General Stilwell (2015), What’s Cookin’ in China? (2014), Decoding Ancient Chinese Gardens (2014), Home of the Terracotta Warriors (2013),Tea Lands of China (2013), Searching for Roots in Canton (2012), Riding Rails in China Part 2 (2012), Musical Journey Through Xinjiang (2011), Seeking Art in Shanghai (2008), Interpreting Ancient Chinese Fashion (2007),  Kung Fu Journey to the East (2006), Summer School on the Road (2005), Riding Rails in China (2004), and Tibet Diary (2003).
D3 Productions, Inc.’s mission is to promote cultural exchange by making quality educational programming about China widely available to viewers in the United States. As the flow of information between China and the United States rapidly increases, D3 Productions aims to offer unique insights into Chinese history and culture. By delving into social, economic, and cultural issues in China, D3 Productions hopes to foster global perspectives.

Our services include:

  • Conceptualizing storylines
  • Creating storyboards
  • Writing scripts
  • Videotaping in our studio and on location around the Bay Area and elsewhere in the United States
  • Post-production